Orange, White and not so Gold

I am¬†a wee bit obsessed with a white and gold color scheme lately! I just can’t get my hands on enough gold accessories. I recently found a great gold mirror on Craigslist that I thought would be perfect above Grace’s new white, orange and gold dresser I just finished painting. She didn’t think it was so great. In fact her exact words were. . . “I don’t like that. I hope you are planning on painting. If not, you can have it back.” CRUSHED! ūüė¶ I suppose she will not like the brass chandelier I have my eye on, either. Oh, well. I couldn’t let the mirror go to waste, so out to the garage to paint my beautiful gold mirror….boo!

New dresser for Grace.¬† It was my favorite “find” yet.¬† 20 dollars for this beauty!


Some things I have learned.

1. Enjoy decorating your children’s rooms BEFORE they start to have an opinion. I loved my gold accessories¬†idea for Grace’s room and am just so bummed that she doesn’t love it as much as I do. Actually she hates it.

2. Always match your manicure to the color of the piece you are currently painting! This is a big one. Inevitably I will get a fresh manicure only to have splatters of some crazy paint color all over it. I am learning and this is a great tip, I tell ya!


3. Never EVER spill paint in the garage! The Hubs hates this. I thought the garage was for spilling paint, but apparently the concrete in the garage is as valuable as expensive hardwood floors to a man. My husband gripes at me everytime he walks into the garage. He can’t let it go.

4. Don’t be in such a hurry that you knock over the most expensive paint on the planet. I HATE THIS! It doesn’t go back in the can very easily, either.


5.¬† Purchase white bedding for your children’s bedrooms and accent in colors they love.¬† My kids really know how to trash their bedding.¬† I can never get the marker, clay, hair dye, etc out.¬† I am done with colored bedding.¬† All bedding will be white from now on and I will always have a bottle of bleach on hand!


And finally a mirror Grace and I can both agree on.  A little bit of white and a little bit of gold.

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