25 Things You Really Don’t Need to Know About Me


1. I inexplicably became a “dog person” at age 40. No one can believe how much I love this dog.
2. My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird even though that’s everyone’s favorite book.
3. I don’t wear sweat pants. I like to be dressed up.
4. I’d rather be reading.
5. I love the ocean. It’s calling me home.
6. I have a feeling that my death will be caused by falling down stairs. I often lose my balance there.
7. I’m busy, busy, busy and hardly ever sit down during the day. 
8. I am a neat freak. I’d love to organize your stuff. Would you pay good money for that?
9. I’ve become a decent cook, though a bit of a recipe follower.
10. I have never baked a cake. 
11. I graduated from high school in Germany and still miss it (Germany, not high school).
12. I’m an optimistic skeptic. Does that make sense?
13. I am working on my volunteering problem. They tell me to just sit on my hands at meetings, but I never do.
14. I like to talk a little during movies. My best friend totally tolerates this. 
15. I don’t like to camp. Poking the fire is fun, though.
16. I am a morning person.
17. I keep giving up coffee (headaches and all) and then getting back on it. 
18. I’m a Sunday School teacher, but please don’t stereotype me for it.
19. I am glad God gave me girls. Boys mystify me.
20. I kinda regret not going to law school.
21. I used to read and drive in college. Couldn’t stand sitting in the car and not getting something accomplished besides transporting myself. 
22. I like mushrooms and think everyone should.
23. I am a good speller.
24. I’m a little obsessed with genealogy despite understanding the fact that 10 generations or so back, we’re ALL related. 
25. My greatest fear is hunger. Real hunger. Like there’s no food anywhere hunger. Scary.

– the spoon