Sweet 16

So, oops, my first post and I screwed it up. Wanted the pic and text together, but I guess they are separate items. Sigh. Anyway, I’m kind of proud of myself for working on my daughter’s Sweet 16 party for the past month. Usually I make a detailed list of plans and then throw it all together the DAY OF. But, in this case, I knew I wanted to craft some DIY to make a country chic backyard party truly special. No crepe paper! This little girl of mine is all grown up (well, mostly). She knows she likes pink tulle and cowboy boots. Hmmm. . .might have said the same of her at 3! So here we go. . . 50 or so teens in my backyard with a dance floor, music, white lights, candles in jars, and burlap draped everywhere. I can’t wait!

-the spoon