Orange, White and not so Gold

I am a wee bit obsessed with a white and gold color scheme lately! I just can’t get my hands on enough gold accessories. I recently found a great gold mirror on Craigslist that I thought would be perfect above Grace’s new white, orange and gold dresser I just finished painting. She didn’t think it was so great. In fact her exact words were. . . “I don’t like that. I hope you are planning on painting. If not, you can have it back.” CRUSHED! 😦 I suppose she will not like the brass chandelier I have my eye on, either. Oh, well. I couldn’t let the mirror go to waste, so out to the garage to paint my beautiful gold mirror….boo!

New dresser for Grace.  It was my favorite “find” yet.  20 dollars for this beauty!


Some things I have learned.

1. Enjoy decorating your children’s rooms BEFORE they start to have an opinion. I loved my gold accessories idea for Grace’s room and am just so bummed that she doesn’t love it as much as I do. Actually she hates it.

2. Always match your manicure to the color of the piece you are currently painting! This is a big one. Inevitably I will get a fresh manicure only to have splatters of some crazy paint color all over it. I am learning and this is a great tip, I tell ya!


3. Never EVER spill paint in the garage! The Hubs hates this. I thought the garage was for spilling paint, but apparently the concrete in the garage is as valuable as expensive hardwood floors to a man. My husband gripes at me everytime he walks into the garage. He can’t let it go.

4. Don’t be in such a hurry that you knock over the most expensive paint on the planet. I HATE THIS! It doesn’t go back in the can very easily, either.


5.  Purchase white bedding for your children’s bedrooms and accent in colors they love.  My kids really know how to trash their bedding.  I can never get the marker, clay, hair dye, etc out.  I am done with colored bedding.  All bedding will be white from now on and I will always have a bottle of bleach on hand!


And finally a mirror Grace and I can both agree on.  A little bit of white and a little bit of gold.

10174402_10202601381049603_1296085194_o  10424197_10202601381649618_1332711794_o 10425907_10202601380129580_1522010322_o

A Few Things I Love. . .

1. Never, never going to the bank anymore. In fact, I can’t go to the bank bc my bank is in another state. All of my banking is done via Smartphone, even the deposits. I just endorse, photograph each side, and bing! Depo made! I love it.

2. Chalk paint. Not chalkboard paint. Paint with chalk in it. Annie Sloan or Cece Caldwell or Make Your Own; it’s amazing stuff because you don’t have to sand or prime. I am a very lazy painter.

3. Tea. I now understand why those European explorers just had to find a way to get tea. Sounded so strange to me in grade school. My preference is hot, green tea, but I’ll try anything. . . it never fails to cheer me up.

4. Modern art. I was sad to leave the St. Louis Art Museum’s modern art collection, but so lucky to find myself 10 minutes away from Alice Walton’s modern art collection! I think I’ll do a whole blog post on Crystal Bridges and my favorite pieces. Coming soon. .

. gummi

5. Haribo Gummi Bears. Feels a little weird putting that gummy substance in your body, but yum! Tastes so good — and probably reminds me of my teen years in Germany.

I could go on and on, but these are the things I love today. More on another day when I am feeling reflective.


Still getting hand me downs…

My sister decided to get rid of an old end table in her living room.  I asked her if I could have it to repaint.  I had been dying to try out some Annie Sloan chalk paint and some stenciling techniques.  I didn’t think too much about this piece since it was a freebie 🙂  I just slathered some AS Paris Grey on it.  I decided it needed a little something more so I added some dark wax around the edges.  I then added my stencil which I had picked up at a local antique shop.  I used a pewter Martha Stewart craft paint and a small sponge brush to apply.  After it had dried I added two coats of clear wax.  I absolutely LOVE this table.  I sit in my sun room, with a cup of coffee, and think about my sister every morning.  Definitely better than the old corduroy pants she used to give me:-)

-the thimble
I liked this table so much I decided to “redo” some old rocking chairs from our childhood using the same techniques.

chairs brown
chairs new