Small Surprises in the Big City

Our Linda wanted to check Broadway off her bucket list and kindly checked it off the lists of Sister, Daughter, and Me, too! In honor of Libby’s 16th birthday (you might remember that we did have a little party last September!), she flew us all to NYC to see shows, eat amazing¬†food, hike the urban jungle, and gawk in wonderment. You’ve all seen the big city on tv or explored it yourselves, perhaps, so I just thought I’d mention a few things that surprised me despite the stereotypes and one previous visit.

1. The taxi drivers are not there to make sure you have a nice ride. They are only paid to get you to your destination — no telling what’s going to happen on the way. The first time I took a taxi from JFK to Times Square, the driver jumped out of the car at a stop light to get himself a hotdog! Scared me to death! I actually prefer the subway.

2. The view may cost you $27, but it’s worth it. That’s what we paid to go to the Top of the Rock – 30 Rockefeller Center. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see the world from up there, but I am glad I did! Amazing, beautiful, different.


3.¬†I knew space was at a premium in NY, but I didn’t know they stacked the cars like Hotwheels!


4. Broadway. Just Broadway. Have been a theater geek all my life, so should have expected to be brought to tears, but it caught me off guard. The tiny but grand theaters made me want to laugh with glee and then commune with the ghosts of shows past. It was very moving. We saw three shows from three different perspectives: balcony, box, and orchestra. Each one was perfect. The theater below is the Schubert — just the theater where A CHORUS LINE set the record for longest running show on Broadway!


5. My daughter. No fears. Just jumped into New York like Mary Tyler Moore going to Minneapolis. Hopping on and off the subway, benches in Central Park, curbs into swarms of people with umbrellas. She might have some kind of new york gene.