Love, Football, and Home Improvement

A long time ago, when we were dating, hubby took the time to explain football to me. This is a smart man. 20+ years later, and he has a built-in football buddy. Last Thursday he texted me that our hometown team the Rams would be playing that evening. I replied, “Awesome!” Dinner and then bonding in front of the tv. 

We settled into the recliners. Dog started sniffing around. Dog wanted a walk. Hubs got up and took him. Came back silent — that’s not good. And. . . football night in America. . .ruined. Of course hubby was mad about more than walking the dog. The dog’s walk must have given him time to think about all the things he was mad about. 

The next day I decided to look into The 5 Love Languages. I heard about these from my smart sister but thought I’d have to read the whole book and somehow persuade hubby to read the whole book to make use of them. Sigh. Two seconds of internet research turned up this:, the 5 Love Languages Quiz. 

Turns out that my “love language” is Acts of Service. I do things for people to show them my love. I do, and I do, and I do. I clean for them, I cook for them, I shop for them, and woe to them if they don’t notice! Sometimes I get sad when I realize that no one has done anything for me lately. I don’t want gifts, just a little help. Not that I need the help; it just shows me how much you love me! 

Met hubby for lunch with my new-found knowledge. Talked him into taking the quiz. His love language is . . . you’ll never guess. . . Physical Touch. Yes, I know. The Love Languages guy, Gary Chapman, is some kind of genius for stating the obvious and making a bajillion dollars for it. Anyway, something clicked for us. 

Last night, during Monday Night Football, hubby was in the garage. . . helping me paint the dining room chairs. Love, Football, and Home Improvement. A holy trinity for a Monday night.