We are two girls born in different decades who spent way too many years fighting over stuff we can’t remember (well, I remember mustard on a certain favorite shirt of mine!). Now we bond daily over raising our own girls in two different cities, scoring bargains, reminiscing over our long-lost careers, driving to and fro, and what to make for dinner.  The best times are when we get together and end up cooking, cleaning, singing and laughing, laughing, laughing. Thought we’d share some pics and stories of what gets us going. . .

The Spoon and the Thimble: 

We are daughters of an Air Force pilot and a pediatric nurse.  Because we moved all over the world growing up, our mother wanted to give us collections that would reflect the places we had been.  She decided that Kim would collect spoons and Kristin would collect thimbles.  Each spoon and thimble holds special memories of our childhood. We sisters are the keepers of each other’s deepest secrets and dearest memories.  As a bonus, they symbolize the cooking and crafting we love to do!

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