A little french country

Recently, I decided my daughters each needed their own rooms.  My two oldest had been sharing a room for the last 5 years and it just wasn’t working anymore.  That’s what happens when one is clean and organized and the other can’t help her clothes find the dresser.  I decided I wanted to paint their rooms white.  I was finished with the crazy colors that once graced their walls.  I knew I could add color in other ways and then change it up as their tastes change over the coming years.

My oldest daughter wanted teal and orange and my youngest was requesting blue and yellow.  So we started by painting all the walls white!  I wanted a clean place to start.   I was over the neon colors that had covered their walls.   I was so happy to find this cute dresser on craigslist for my oldest daughter.  I bought it for 20 dollars!  I couldn’t believe it.  The woman had already stripped and sanded this piece.  So I got to work on it right away. Here is a little before and after of this makeover.

Dresser before
grace dresser
Dresser after


Cool book clock from Aunt Kim….

Fun clock hidden among the books

Next I had a bookshelf in my basement that had been given to me as well as this antique dresser that I had purchased off of craigslist, well over a year ago.  I decided to do my middle daughters room with a French Country flair.  So I got out my Yellow Rose Milk Paint from The Real Milk Paint Co. and started to paint.  When the piece was covered completely I just thought it needed a little depth so I painted the trim in a white color, giving it some dimension.  I finished the whole thing by distressing a bit and applying a dark wax glaze.  I then added a clear wax for protection (My daughter is HARD on furniture!)  I finished it off by creating a cute book banner out of twine and an old copy of Charlotte’s Web I had (one of our favorites).bookshelf top knob bottomNow the dresser in my basement that I had purchased off of Craigslist about a year ago.  I decided to paint it using the exact same method.  Here are a few pictures of it before and after.

dresser before full dresser dresser close dresser leg dresser mirror

I just love the way both of these turned out.  I feel like I am at a country cottage in France when I walk into her room….well after I pick up the dirty laundry she has strewn about.  🙂


Red Barn Milk Paint Table

I recently acquired this table and sent my sister a picture.


I asked her what color I should paint it and she sent me this picture back as inspiration.


Sister has crazy good taste.  I will have her post some pictures of her house soon:-)  I chose to use Milk Paint from the Real Milk Paint Co.  I love their paint because when used without the bonding agent you get this naturally “chippy” look.  Because these types of towels are antique towels from the 1930’s I knew I wanted the table to have a vintage feel.  I cleaned the table first and then applied a coat of Parchment Milk Paint to the top.  The wood was bleeding through after the first coat so I applied a second coat.

I didn’t really like the table and sent Kim a picture.  She agreed and said the whole table had to be painted.  So, I went ahead and put two coats of Parchment on the rest of the piece.  After the paint had dried I taped the piece off and decided to do red stripes on both sides of the table.  I used The Real Milk Paint Co.’s Red Barn.  I applied two coats of the red as well.  Once the paint had dried I carefully pulled the tape off.  The paint began to chip upon drying and I love how it nearly took the stripe off on one side.  It’s like this paint has a mind of its own and knows what will look best.  I LOVE smart paint!  Once all the paint had dried I applied a dark wax glaze to the whole piece giving it an even older feel.  Finally I applied a clear wax protective coat to the whole table.  I just love the way it turned out.

10552214_10202883623545489_402714059_o 10552116_10202883623665492_1369465220_o 10543423_10202883624785520_208118677_o 10528398_10202883624305508_40688098_o 10526844_10202883625785545_686507126_o 10523149_10202883624025501_2094438053_o

It is pretty and looks so sweet I don’t want to sell it but my house is turning into a furniture store.  If you know anyone in search of an adorable end table, let me know!



Farm house shabby chic headboard

My sweet sister always brings me something special when she comes to visit me in St. Louis.  The last time she made the trip, she unloaded this beautiful head-board.  I just love it. and was inspired to paint it red based on the gorgeous red barns I see on the drive to visit her in Arkansas.  There is nothing more beautiful than an old barn nestled in rolling hills of green backed by the most amazing blue sky you will ever see.  I always look so forward to driving down to visit and checking out all the great antique stores in the area.  Sister takes me to the best places to shop!  I knew this little gem would look fabulous with a coat or two or Barn Red Milk Paint from The Real Milk Paint Co.

bed 2

I applied two coats of this beautiful red paint that is naturally “chippy”.  I did not add any sealer as I wanted the paint to chip in certain areas.  After I let it dry over night, I sanded the edges allowing some of the original yellow color to peek through.  I applied Annie Sloan Dark Wax to finish the piece.

bed 3


I only wish I were hanging with my sister right now.  It pains me to sell this headboard because I just love it so much.  Sure wish it would go in one of my kids rooms.  I can’t wait to get my hands on my next headboard now.  I will be spending the day searching for another great headboard to paint…..unless of course my sister would like to bring me another one?



Maison Blanche French Blue

I was asked to try out a new paint for a local shop here in St. Charles MO.  To read more about how these two pieces were transformed, follow this link to my guest blog!


French country

french headboard

A friend’s cabinet makeover

Hi there friends!  Recently we ran a little contest on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thespoonandthethimble

I asked for furniture submissions to transform for a guest blog I was asked to do.  Well, we selected one, and it is up and posted.  To check out what we did go to http://redposie.com/blog/milk-paint/shabby-cabinet-makeover/

china close 2 close and scratchy

Also “like” us on Facebook for more contest opportunities!

Thanks for reading!

Orange, White and not so Gold

I am a wee bit obsessed with a white and gold color scheme lately! I just can’t get my hands on enough gold accessories. I recently found a great gold mirror on Craigslist that I thought would be perfect above Grace’s new white, orange and gold dresser I just finished painting. She didn’t think it was so great. In fact her exact words were. . . “I don’t like that. I hope you are planning on painting. If not, you can have it back.” CRUSHED! 😦 I suppose she will not like the brass chandelier I have my eye on, either. Oh, well. I couldn’t let the mirror go to waste, so out to the garage to paint my beautiful gold mirror….boo!

New dresser for Grace.  It was my favorite “find” yet.  20 dollars for this beauty!


Some things I have learned.

1. Enjoy decorating your children’s rooms BEFORE they start to have an opinion. I loved my gold accessories idea for Grace’s room and am just so bummed that she doesn’t love it as much as I do. Actually she hates it.

2. Always match your manicure to the color of the piece you are currently painting! This is a big one. Inevitably I will get a fresh manicure only to have splatters of some crazy paint color all over it. I am learning and this is a great tip, I tell ya!


3. Never EVER spill paint in the garage! The Hubs hates this. I thought the garage was for spilling paint, but apparently the concrete in the garage is as valuable as expensive hardwood floors to a man. My husband gripes at me everytime he walks into the garage. He can’t let it go.

4. Don’t be in such a hurry that you knock over the most expensive paint on the planet. I HATE THIS! It doesn’t go back in the can very easily, either.


5.  Purchase white bedding for your children’s bedrooms and accent in colors they love.  My kids really know how to trash their bedding.  I can never get the marker, clay, hair dye, etc out.  I am done with colored bedding.  All bedding will be white from now on and I will always have a bottle of bleach on hand!


And finally a mirror Grace and I can both agree on.  A little bit of white and a little bit of gold.

10174402_10202601381049603_1296085194_o  10424197_10202601381649618_1332711794_o 10425907_10202601380129580_1522010322_o

From “crap” closet to “craft” closet

I apologize for my lack of posts. I would love to say I have been so busy crafting that I just didn’t have time to post but that is not really the truth. I have found a new hobby that I can’t seem to get enough of…..napping! I just adore it. Anyway, yesterday I decided to forgo my daily nap and clean a closet or drawer out instead. My house was clean and so I decided to tackle something that usually gets neglected. My poor linen closet came to mind. I started thinking that I don’t ever go in that closet except to throw the random crap in 5 minutes before company arrives. I thought I would take a look and refold some things and make some nice stacks. When I opened the closet and looked inside I started to realize just how long it had been since I had given this little closet any attention. what a mess messy I started to pull random things out. Beach towels, old (expired) medicine, half burnt candles (from my first house), used plug ins, bedding to bed sets I don’t even remember. I began by pulling everything out of the closet and started 3 piles. Keep, trash and Goodwill. wallflowers expired meds The majority of the crap went to Goodwill or trash. I kept only the beach towels but moved them to a Rubbermaid bin in the basement. Now staring at an empty closet I had to decide what I would fill it with. I walked around the house and realized one recurring theme I had in almost every room where signs of my kids “crafting”. I had buckets of crayons in almost every room. My laundry room has been a catch all for Play-doh, coloring books, markers, old pencil cases and glue sticks. I had 3 drawers in my kitchen full or markers, stickers, crayons, thread, glue, clothes pins, ribbon and other random artistic supplies. So I had my idea. I would consolidate our crap…er I mean crafts. Now normally my sister Kim would direct this project and I would just do as I was told but since she is 5 hours away, I was on my own. I remembered a few things she told me. 1. Buy all matching Rubbermaid and buy twice as much as you think you will need. 2. Buy clear containers! You need to be able to see what you have at a glance. 3. Label everything. It won’t get used it you don’t know it’s there 4. Keep 1 or two items. You don’t need 12 of anything. (Except scissors! They looked too cute to get rid of any of them) 5. Make it visually appealing but more importantly functional. I took a trip to Target. I bought a lot of bins, more than I needed! I stuck with a color theme….yellow, black and white. close up storage I bought chalk labels to label the bins. This way I can change them as the bins change contents. labels I placed empty bins on the top shelf so I would know exactly where they were when the time came to fill them and so they wouldn’t accidentally get used for something else. extra storage Now I don’t know about you but we always have a lot of unopened crafts from birthday parties etc. that I save for a rainy day. I placed these on the top shelf as well. I wanted to kids to be able to see what we have but not be able to grab it all!!!! 🙂 games I tried to display the craft supplies so they would be easy to see what we had and easy to access as well. markers and sissors All of this took about 1 1/2 hours to complete. The kids love it and it keeps the crafts organized and in one place. As crayons get broken and markers run out I throw them immediately in the trash. So there you have it from “Crap to Craft”! fun crafty Before/After closet compare

Things my big sister taught me.

Things my big sister taught me.

Well, I have to say that I can’t imagine my life without my big sister.  I have learned so many valuable lessons over the years from her.  Now that I am 40 she still continues to teach me new things.  Three new things I recently learned:

1.  People love getting mail!  She mails everything.  Since she moved to Arkansas, she has mailed me books, banners and most recently Halloween costumes. The fact is that she would have mailed these things to me if she still lived in Fenton (35 minutes away).  I don’t know what it is.  There is just something she loves about it.  She likes writing and stationery and has always had an appreciation for proper etiquette.  She particularly loves sending unexpected treats.  Just yesterday my girls received homemade Halloween cards with sticker sheets inside.  You would have thought they won the lottery.  They ran in from school and these beautiful pieces of mail, addressed personally to each of them sat right by their afternoon snack.  They tore into them and were thrilled to have a hand written message from their Aunt Kim.  So lesson learned. . . receiving mail truly can make a person’s day!


2.  It’s good to feed your dog a raw food diet.  This one I admit I was a bit skeptical about.  However, she is a smart girl who does her research, so I listened.  She has been telling me for years how horrible it is to feed your dog store bought dog food.  She buys whole chickens and feeds them to her dog RAW 😦 .  Anyway, the other night I was making chicken tortilla soup.  To make it easier on myself I bought a rotisserie chicken.  As my dog stood diligently at my side, I decided to give this chicken diet a try.  I threw him a chicken leg.  Now, she told me that they eat the bones and all . . . and he did!  He loved it!  In fact he loved it so much I saved the other one for the next day.  My husband was really concerned when he saw our little dog going to town on this chicken leg.  “Is he really supposed to eat the bones?”

“Yep,” I replied, “Kim said the whole thing.”

I was pretty proud of myself, and when I called my sister a few days later I told her how I was getting on the raw food bandwagon.  She yelled through the phone, “What?  You gave him cooked chicken bones?”

“Yes, you said I could give him the bones.”

“I said RAW chicken bones!  You can’t feed a dog cooked chicken bones!!!  They splinter and could tear his internal organs.”

“Oh.  He seems okay to me though.”

A couple hours later I received a text from my sister that said, “I’m worried about Bogey.  You sure he’s okay?”

What’s the lesson here?  While a raw food diet may be good for your dog, the real lesson learned here is SMALL words matter too.  RAW really was the key!

3.  How to lock down your itunes account so your kids can’t buy things without your permission.  A few weeks ago I posted on facebook that I was a bit surprised when I got my itunes receipt via e-mail and there was a $1.99 charge for a game called “Pou.”  When I asked my kids about it, they explained that it was a game where you have to take care of a piece of poop.  Yes, apparently nothing is free these days.  Anyway my sister attended a PTO meeting the other night and called me on the way home.  During the meeting she had learned that there is a way to lock your child’s iphone/ipod so that they are unable to make purchases.  She quickly walked me through the steps.  The irony in this is that yesterday my sister received her i-tunes receipt and it had over $60 worth of charges that her daughter had made.  Lesson learned. . . don’t laugh at me for paying $2 for shit when you just spent $60 on your own pile.

It’s good to have a sister to teach you these things!

Love you, Sis!

Oh and on a side note.  I sent this entry to my sister to edit for me before I posted.  Usually she calls me up, and walks me through the edits explaining why the change is needed.  This time she called me, and as I went to my computer to make changes she said “Forget it!  I’ve explained the comma rules to you a million times and you still don’t get it.  I’ll make the changes myself and send you the finished copy.”  Lesson learned….Not paying attention can pay off!  BTW – I threw some extra commas in this last paragraph for good measure. 

“Hope”ing to make this old chest new again

When I was 18 years old my Mom took me out and bought me a “hope chest.” At the time I picked it out I just loved it and thought, “Well,  this will never go out of style.”


Fast forward 22 years later. It sits at the end of my bed looking so 80’s to me. However, it still serves a purpose. We store our warm blankets in there and sit on it to tie our shoes, so I wasn’t ready to get rid of it. But I did think it could use a little sprucing up or down as the case may be. I first decided to try and “white wash” it. It didn’t turn out exactly the way I had hoped.

010 011 022

I needed to fix my mistake fast.  So I slapped some Milk paint on that bad boy and watched it begin to distress itself. I love the way that the Milk paint naturally bubbles up and peels off.  Here you can see what I mean.

281 284 283 282

I was much happier with this finished product.  I do have to admit I have a bit of hesitation putting this post up in fear my poor mother will have a heart attack.  I love it, though!  Makes me feel like I have a new piece of furniture and my kids can’t do a thing to it to jack it up!

See what I mean?  Can’t even get the kids out of my pictures much less my room.