Goodwill table turned Dollhouse chest


I picked up this little table last week at Goodwill.  I just loved the legs and the design on the drawers.  I knew with some paint and new hardware, it could be so beautiful.  My daughters thought it was the ugliest table they had ever seen.  I wish I had taken a before picture but I totally forgot. 

I decided to turn it into a Dollhouse chest.  It has two huge drawers for storing toys.  I went to one of my favorite local shops to pick up some paint.  I used Van Gogh’s First Kiss (pink) and Maison Blanche’s Magnolia (While).  After applying two coats of each I started work on the French stenciling.  This part was a little tough because I had these strips of French sayings.  After I would paint one, I would have to wait for the paint to dry, move it down and paint the next verse.  The drying part is what slowed the process down.  Once the stencil was applied I taped off the edges of the top and put a grey border all the way around.  I added a pink stripe towards the bottom and one along the top.  Next came the distressing.  I only lightly distressed this piece.

After sanding and cleaning the table off I applied two coats of Shabby Paints Vax.  This is one of my favorite products.  It is so easy to apply and requires no buffing.  It is also VERY durable. 

Now my daughters all love this table and are begging to have it placed in their rooms.  So sorry girls!  You didn’t love me when I was ugly, so I must find a new home:-)

doll house 7 Doll house table 2 doll house table 3 doll house table 4 doll house table 6 Doll house table


Back to School. . .Back to PTO

My girls are in two different schools. For me that means two PTOs to support. As we gear up for Open Houses next week, I am recalling how hot it was last year as parents and kids toured the high school campus. We had a PTG table set up as they entered the Performing Arts Center, and I wished I had cold drinks to offer. So this year I am going to be prepared. I am labeling bottled water with our school’s new logo. Maybe this will even encourage folks to join PTG!

photo 4 (1)

It’s very easy to label your own water bottles. There is a template in Microsoft Word that prints 7 labels per sheet. I print mine on cardstock because I find it easier to cut and tape, but you don’t have to. I cut them with a paper cutter so that they are straight and then apply them with clear packing tape. Easy breezy! Just don’t make the mistake I did at Libby’s Sweet 16 party and place them in a tub of ice. When water got under the tape, the ink ran! Oops. Or maybe you don’t have an inkjet printer, and that won’t be an issue. Stay cool!

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)photo 3 (1)


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