Must. Stop. Talking.

In 7th grade one of the teacher comments on my report card was “Kim is a good student who should talk less.” 

Hmmm, well, yes, shouldn’t all 7th grade students talk less? I didn’t give it much thought beyond rolling my eyes when my family teased me about it. 

But 30 years later, and it’s still true. I should talk less. I really am working on it. I am trying to listen. I am trying to stifle the tiny thoughts that pop into my head while someone else is talking. Teaching for 20 years didn’t really help me with this personality flaw because talking was a big part of my job. And now I probably type far too many of these tiny thoughts into my facebook status. Maybe that is a fairly innocuous way for me to get them out of my head — and readers can certainly choose to ignore them. 

Still, I keep making faux pas that could be avoided if I would shut up. Today I volunteered at my daughter’s middle school, helping with a “marketplace” where 50+ students made products to sell. The proceeds will go to Heifer International and an experience that they provide to help make our kids aware of life beyond their locale. I was really impressed. As I talked with (what appeared to be) another volunteer, I expressed my amazement that this teacher would take on such a huge project. So much work! She put so much time and energy into creating this meaningful opportunity for her students! I said that though I am also a teacher, I would never undertake such a big, complicated event. Of course that’s not really true. I’ve just done it enough times to know how much work it is. But anyway, that’s what I said. Then I was introduced to this person, and she turned out to be the Gifted Coordinator for the school district — the person to whom I would go for a job if I decide I want one. ARgh. Must. Stop. Talking. Made myself sound like a slacker!

At Halloween I happily greeted a sweet 2-year-old neighbor and her mom, who has been expecting a baby. What did I say to her? “Oh! No baby yet?” She replied, “Actually there are two, and they are at home sleeping.” 

WHEN will I learn? 

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